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Outdoor StreetSiren DoubleDeck (Fibra)

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StreetSiren DoubleDeck needs less than a second to activate a powerful siren and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm signal. Any break-in will be immediately exposed. LED indication and short beeps of the buzzer remind users that premises are armed and delay when entering feature is active. The risk of a false alarm becomes significantly lower. Use with Brandplate to promote security services.

- Indicates armed/disarmed state by means of a built-in LED
- External LED can be connected
- Requires Brandplate faceplate
- Sound level configurable from 85dB to 113 dB at a distance of 1 m
- Alarm length configurable from 3s to 180s
- IP54 rated
- Backup battery in case of attempts to cut off the siren from Fibra line


Technical Specifications
Classification Warning device with LED indicators (outdoor siren)
Installation method Indoors/outdoors
Compatibility Operates with Hub Hybrid (2G) and Hub Hybrid (4G) only
Type of notification Sound/light
Indication of armed/disarmed status Yes
Sound volume level Adjustable, 85-113 dB at a distance of 1 m
Alarm length

Adjustable, 3−180 s

Fibra technology Recommended cable type for detector connection: Signal cable (4 x 0.22 copper) / Twisted pair U/UTP CAT5 (4 x 2 x 0.51)
Connection wire length: Up to 2000m
Device polling period: 12−300 s
Power supply Power supply voltage: 24V
Power consumption: up to 100 μA
Backup power supply: LTO 18650, 1500mAh, 2.4V (up to 30 minutes of alarm signalling after main power failure)
Permissible humidity Up to 95%
Operating temperature range -25°С to +60°С
Anti-sabotage Protection against fraud
Jamming detection
Dimensions 200mm х 200mm x 51mm
Weight 516g
Certification EN 50131 (Grade 2), PD 6662:2017, IP54
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