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Our Support Service
  1. Assistance with DVR, NVR and IP camera configuration.
  2. Supply of pre-configured and tested DVRs with HDD fitted.
  3. All IP camera systems are PRE-Configured & tested. IP cameras can be pre-configured with customer IP addresses.
  4. Assistance with configuration of DVRs.
  5. Assistance with router configuration & port forwarding.
  6. Assistance with DynDns & No-IP configuration.
  7. Playback guides, manuals etc.


  1. Most CCTV recorders have similar features but they can differ in operation.
  2. Broadband speed can effect performance and network access. Live video can appear slow and jerky.
  3. Not all routers are the same and configuration time can vary.
  4. Not all routers support DynDNS / No-IP
  5. Motion detection is based on change in the picture (compares current picture with next picture). Although there is some sensitivity control and motion masking, this is by no means a perfect solution. DVRs detect change in the picture and start to record.
  6. Motion detection is a feature of IP cameras and not the NVR (unlike DVR). Motion detection on IP camera can be temperamental as it has to rely on the network and NVR. IP cameras detects change in picture, sends a trigger to the NVR, the NVR acknowledges and then starts to record.
  7. Not all mobile phone apps will allow playback features. Playback should be done via PC or local access.
  8. Playback on mobile phone relies on mobile being capable of handling frame rate & data rate.
  9. Picture update on mobile can be slow because of frame rate & data rate capabilities.


Welcome to the DDS Remote Helpdesk. The remote helpdesk allows our support engineers to remotely connect to your PC. Our support engineers can connect to your PC with your permission and help you to configure/demonstrate on how to configure DVRs & network broadband routers. You will need to download and execute this remote helpdesk to allow us to connect to your PC.

Before our support engineer can remotely connect to your PC, you will need to contact our support engineer who will advise which of the following files to download. Note: You can disconnect them at anytime (you will have full control).

TalkTalk routers with HomeSafe enabled will prevent our engineers from remotely connecting to assist you. To fix this, you would need to call TalkTalk and request this feature is turned off.

Our engineers will advise you to Download a specific remote software

Support 1 : AnyDesk for Windows (Download)

Support 2 : AnyDesk for Mac (Download)