ANPR | Box | Fisheye

See our range of specialist cameras, such as LPR, box and fisheyes. They range from 2MP up to 12MP and include special features such as IK10 ratings and VCA support. Contact our sales team for pricing

Save 100% Wi-Fi transmission
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Number Plate Recognition IP Camera | ANPR Save 100% Supports StarView (colour at night) ANPR (License Plate Recognition)
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UNV 5MP Fisheye Camera (360° View, WDR, Mic) Save 100% IK10 rated (vandal resistant)
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12MP Fisheye IP Camera | UNV Save 100% 4K resolution IK10 rated (vandal resistant)
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Save 100% Supports Video Content Analysis (smart features)
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Auto Iris Manual Focal Lens Save 100%
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