Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor

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Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor
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Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor protects sensors of the anti-masking system from rain and snow. Besides intruders, snow can interfere with the regular operation of the detector. It may stick to anti-masking sensors, block their field of view, and cause a false alarm. Hood protects MotionProtect Outdoor during a snowfall. Anti-masking sensors react to spray paint. But an extended exposure to heavy rain may create interference. Hood protects MotionProtect Outdoor during a thunderstorm to avoid any disturbance related to false alarms.


Technical Specifications
Classification Hood for MotionProtect Outdoor
Mounting method Dual Lock tape
Material Polycarbonate
Operating temperature range From -25°С to +60°С
Operating humiditiy Up to 100%
Dimensions 110 x 96 x 90mm
Weight 71g