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RG59 Coax with 2 Core Power (100m)

RG59 Coax Cable - Combined RG59 Coax Cable with Power
(£42.00 inc VAT)

- RG59+2 core for power. Ideal for centralised power distribution
- Standard: 0.584mm Bare Copper Conductor, 112*0.12mm CCA 82% Braid
- Hi Grade: 0.65mm Bare Copper Conductor, Foil Shield+Braid 112*0.15mm CCA 100% Braid
- Power: 2 core 16/0.2x0.15 Stranded BC (2 core)
- 100 or 250m per roll
- Can be used with Crimp and Twist-On BNC Connectors
- Overall jacket 6.00mm x 4.5mm PVC (RoHS)
- Colour: Black