HD Accessories (SDI)

Long range HD-SDI repeater to extend professional RG59 Coaxial cable by up to 100metres, maximum of five units can be used per cable run.

- Professional RG59 Coaxial cable repeater
- Up to 5 units per overall cable run (max ~100m each)
- Supports powering remote repeaters over coax cable (nearest the DVR)
- Supports video and RS-485 control data
- Includes PSU

£96.00 (£115.20 inc VAT)

HighDefinition SDI to HDMI convertor with loop out
- Supports 720p and 1080p
- Ideal for supporting local spot monitors by camera
- Supports up-down scaling
- Max cable length 100m
- Includes power adapter

£115.00 (£138.00 inc VAT)

- Provides protection for HD CCTV devices
- BNC to BNC
- Use with professional RG59 cable

£24.00 (£28.80 inc VAT)

Active HDMI Lead (pro-series) - gold plated connectors.
- Lengths available: 15m or 30m

£44.00 (£52.80 inc VAT)
HDMI-LEAD(Active pro)