Analog CCTV DVRs

Selecting the most suitable DVR option for your CCTV System essential, and should be a balance of desired quality, features and coverage, as well as the overall budget. It is advisable that you have this discussion with the technical sales person prior to purchase, in order to select the CCTV recorder that best meets your needs.

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PC Based DVRs - Digital Video Recorders


A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR is basically a computer that converts incoming video (analog) signal from cameras to digital, compresses it and then stores it. There are many advantages of CCTV DVRs over their analog counterparts, some of which follow.

CCTV DVR System record images onto hard drives like that found in computers. Digital Video Recorders are more flexible than Time Lapse VCR's because they do not require VHS tapes. Different sized hard drives can yield a much higher storage capacity than a VCR. It is possible to instantly search by date, time or event. There is no signal or quality loss while recording because the recording is digital.

DVRs come in various sizes 1, 4, 8, 9 and 16 Channels, where each channel represents a Video feed.

There are many types of CCTV DVRs:

Standalone DVR - This particular type of CCTV DVR does not require any human interaction for normal operation. Configure once and then leave it alone until an incident occurs. Regular checks are recommended for assurance that it is in functional. All our CCTV DVRs have motion detection and are Networkable.

Standalone DVR (Pro Series) Some professional DVR have many 'add value' features like motion detection, network, Water-marking, Operation-log, Event Log, advance search features, covert camera inputs, multiple monitor outputs, video looping, etc.

PC Cards - PC cards allow you to build your own PC based digital video recording system.

Mobile DVRs - These security DVRs are designed for harsh environments where Shock and Vibration is normal, such as vehicles. Applications include - Police car, Security Vehicle, Emergency Services, Public Transportation, etc.

Security is a big concern for businesses as well as many residential properties, and having adequate security measures in place can take a load off your mind. One of the most common forms of security is CCTV cameras, but it amounts to nothing if you havenít got anything to record the pictures on. Thatís why you need to get quality CCTV DVR systems, and doing so will ensure that everything is under control.

What are CCTV DVR systems?

CCTV DVR systems are used to convert incoming video into a digital signal, before compressing and storing the captured images onto hard drives so they can be watched and analysed later. Recording and storing images through DVR CCTV makes them much more accessible Ė with DVR CCTV youíre free to instantly search for pictures according to a date, time or specific event Ė but digital video recorders also have a much higher storage capacity than traditional VHS tapes for total convenience.

Finding the right DVR CCTV for your needs

There are a number of DVR CCTV devices that you can choose from as well, any of which could be perfect for your situation. Not only are there digital video recorders that come in different channel/feed sizes but you can also get standalone CCTV recorders (where no human interaction is required unless an incident occurs); CCTV recorders with additional features such as motion detection, event logs, video looping and multiple monitor outputs; even mobile CCTV recorders for use in vehicles. The choice will always depend on your own specific needs and reasons for needing digital video recorders in the first place, but youíre always going to need access to the best DVR CCTV systems around if you want to be totally secure. Thatís why you need to come to us.

Quality CCTV recorders from DDS

Our extensive range of CCTV DVR systems ensures that youíre bound to find just what youíre looking for, giving you a fully-operational system that totally meets your needs. We know how important it is to have reliable and accurate CCTV DVR systems, which is why we stock such top-quality options to ensure they meet your high standards. Weíve got everything you could need to be totally secure whether you want complete CCTV DVR systems or are simply looking for memory cards for a slight upgrade, and with so much choice on offer weíre confident that youíll find the CCTV recorders that will totally meet your requirements.

The choice of digital video recorders that you make will often come down to a combination of quality, suitability and budget. Itís important that youíve got the CCTV recorders that suit your needs but sometimes itís difficult to know where to start, but we wonít make you go it alone. If you need advice on the type of DVR CCTV systems that would be right for you just get in touch, and our knowledgeable staff will be on-hand to help you choose the perfect digital video recorders for your situation. With quality products and exceptional prices you wonít have to settle for second best, so come to us today and experience the benefits of digital video recorders for yourself.