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Sony Starvis Cameras

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STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for surveillance camera applications. It features a sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 µm2 (color product, when imaging with a 706 cd/m2 light source, F5.6 in 1 s accumulation equivalent), and realizes high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions. This allows the Sony Starvis chipset provides excellent picture quality for both day-time and exceptional quality for night time. See below for our range of cameras with the Sony Starvis chipset.

HD Eyeball Dome Camera (Full HD, IR 15m) | HD Security Camera
£62.00 (£74.40 inc VAT)
HD Eyeball Dome Camera (Full HD, SONY Starvis, 2.8-12mm Lens)
£89.00 (£106.80 inc VAT)
IP Dome Camera (KIP-779SVR, 2MP, 30m, SONY Starvis)
£98.00 (£117.60 inc VAT)
Advance HD CCTV Dome Camera (SONY Starvis, Vari-focal Lens, 25-30m IR) Save 16%
£70.00 £59.00 (£70.80 inc VAT)
Long Range IP IR Camera (IR 50m) | IP Long range Camera
£125.00 (£150.00 inc VAT)
Long Range IP Camera (SONY Starvis, 2MP, IR 60m, POE, SONY Starvis) | IP Camera
£129.00 (£154.80 inc VAT)
Mini Square Day Night Camera
£74.00 (£88.80 inc VAT)
Day Night Camera | SONY Starvis Chipset
£88.00 (£105.60 inc VAT)
HD PIR based Colour Camera | Covert Camera
£58.00 (£69.60 inc VAT)
Medium Range High Definition IR Box Camera
£98.00 (£117.60 inc VAT)