HD Test Monitor (All-in-one)

HD Test Monitor (All-in-one)
(£540.00 inc VAT)

All-in-one HD CCTV video camera test monitor. The test monitor can be used to test AHD, TVI, CVI, SDI and IP cameras. The monitor has an easy to use menu structure with a 7 inch IPS touch screen.

- 7 inch touch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution
- Supports up to 2MP SDI/EX-SDI cameras at 25/30/50/60fps
- Supports up to 4MP AHD cameras at 15/25/30fps
- Supports up to 4MP CVI cameras at 25/30fps
- Supports up to 5MP TVI cameras at 12.5fps
- Supports up to 8MP (4K) IP cameras 25/30fps
- H.264 and H.265
- NTSC/PAL auto‐selecting
- Enhanced color bar generator
- Video signal measurement
- User defined shortcut menu
- Control PTZ using RS-485 or ONVIF
- Cable tester for BNC and RJ-45 (UTP)
- HDMI input to use as a local monitor for DVR/NVR
- Power cameras locally with DC48V POE or DC12V 2A output
- USB port (5V 2A power)
- Audio input/ouput
- Lithium polymer battery (working time ~10 hours)