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HD Video & Power Balun with flyleads

(£11.88 inc VAT)

- Transmit Video and Power over one CAT5e cable
- Transmission distance: AHD720p/AHD1080p:300m, TVI-1080p:150m, Analogue to 500m
- Include 2 units: 1 x RJ45 to BNC with DC power plug, 1 x RJ45 to BNC with DC power jack
- Passive Transceiver (power pass-thru)
- Built in TVS, 6 KV ESD, 2KV Surge
- Built in ESD, EFT (impulse noise) and transient protection
- Use CAT 5E UTP Cable (AWG24)
- Dimensions: 36 (W) x 23 (H) x 65 (L) mm plus 120mm pigtail
- Supplied as a pair