Analogue PTZ Cameras

Speed Dome cameras provide PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) functionality. 

These PTZ cameras are designed for different weather conditions; external PTZ cameras have internal heaters, are robust and operate in varying light conditions. Our Hi-Speed Domes have 'alarms' facilities such that they can be positioned to a number of preset positions according to the alarm trigger; hence operate very well inconjunction with PIR detectors.

We can supply Day and Day/Night External Speed Domes in a range of mounting options: Wall, Pendant and Corner mounting. Our Speed Domes are designed for 'ease of' installation and Maintenance. 

External Speed Domes support many features including Presets, Tours, Patterns and these can be configured using a Speed Dome Keyboard (Controller) and the camera's On Screen Display (OSD).

We can also supply a wide range of PTZ cameras using our HD solutions: AHD, TVI, HD-SDI and IP.
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Insert mount High Speed Dome Camera, Internal


This 18X High Speed Insert mount (flush fitting) PTZ camera offers exceptional daytime viewing using a genuine SONY (FCB-EX45CP) SuperHAD camera module. The camera supports a wide range of PTZ protocols including Pelco P & D and is ideally suited to applications requiring advanced image quality.

- Genuine SONY FCB-EX45CP Camera Module
- 18X zoom, (18x Optical + 10x Digital)
- 4.1 Ė 73.8mm lens, Auto/Manual Focus & Iris
- Supports Presets, Tours, Auto Scan, Privacy zones

Our Price : £455.00 (£546.00 inc VAT)

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Thereís nothing worse than worrying whatís around the corner, which is why outdoor security cameras are regularly called upon. They can be used to great effect, and whether you run a business or simply want added security in your home you should always consider installing outdoor CCTV systems for total peace of mind.

The benefits of an outdoor security camera

With an outdoor CCTV camera you can be confident that no-one is going to get close to your property without you being aware of them. Outdoor CCTV systems can act as a great deterrent and will ensure that everything is under control, and if youíve been a victim of crime before then outdoor security cameras can provide a great comfort. Outdoor security cameras can give you total peace of mind, and thatís something that you canít put a price on.

Outdoor CCTV systems for all environments

Of course, if youíre looking for outdoor CCTV systems you need to have something thatís perfect for your particular environment. Your residential needs could be different to business needs, for example, so itís important that youíve got the outdoor CCTV camera thatís appropriate, but make sure to consider more general environmental impacts as well. Luckily youíll be able to find outdoor CCTV systems that are specifically built to withstand the often harsh weather and varying light conditions that they can encounter, so youíll soon find the outdoor CCTV cameras that perfectly meet your needs.

Are speed dome cameras right for you?

One type of outdoor security camera that should always be considered is a speed dome camera. Speed dome cameras are able to provide PTZ functionality Ė they can pan, tilt and zoom to offer total control to give you an incredibly high level of security. A PTZ dome camera would be ideal for both business and residential use, and with a range of options to choose from thereís bound to be something to suit.

PTZ dome cameras are specifically designed to cope with different weather and light conditions, with both day as well as day/night PTZ dome cameras being available. Many speed dome cameras come with alarms facilities and work extremely well with other forms of security such as PIR detection, and with a range of mounting options including pendant, wall and corner options youíll easily find the PTZ dome camera that suits your exact specifications.

DDS Ė for outdoor CCTV cameras/speed dome cameras you can rely on

If youíre looking for the best in outdoor CCTV cameras, you need to come to us. Here at DDS weíre able to provide complete outdoor CCTV systems to give you total peace of mind, with a range of outdoor security cameras for you to choose from. We offer an extensive range of PTZ dome cameras because we believe that theyíre perfect for the job, and with everything from basic speed dome cameras to those that come with additional features youíll soon find something to suit. Whether you want an outdoor CCTV camera for home or business use itís essential you find the right one, so take a browse through our range of PTZ dome cameras and youíll soon find the option that perfectly meets your needs.