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When you need the very best in security surveillance video cameras and other CCTV systems, you can depend on Digital Direct Security. We maintain a full inventory of the most dependable, state-of-the-art security cameras in the UK, and even offer overnight delivery when orders are reveived by 4:00pm.

Cobra Range Internal Dome Camera (Pro-series)


High resolution Day Night Dome camera. Operates in colour during day light and B&W as it gets dark. The camera can be configured via OSD for WDR, HLM, LSC, BLC, 3D-NDR, Sense-up, ...

- High Resolution 600TVL
- Fixed focal 3.6mm (angle of view 72 degree)
- Very low light with 3D Noise Reduction
- Light compensation (WDR, LSC, BLC) and more

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Trust camera security to give you peace of mind

We all want to feel safe and sometimes opting for additional camera security measures is the only way to achieve that, particularly in a business environment. Camera security is more accessible than ever before with plenty of different security video camera options to choose from, and while they can be perfect to protect your business from suffering financial loss, they can also provide valuable peace of mind so you can get on with your day without having to worry.

Surveillance video cameras for professional settings

A business setting is going to have a pressing need for top-quality camera security with surveillance video cameras that provide the perfect level of functionality being in high demand. Sometimes having a basic security video camera simply isn't enough - you want surveillance video cameras that put you in control, and that's when it's time to look at low light or varifocal CCTV cameras.

Varifocal and low light CCTV cameras - for total control

These types of surveillance video cameras can give you the level of security that you're looking for, not only being suitable in a range of light conditions but also putting you in control to ensure your satisfaction and total peace of mind. Varifocal CCTV cameras allow you to adjust the angle of view so you can focus on any area necessary, giving you added assurances that nothing can happen without you being aware of it. Low light CCTV cameras are perfect in environments where the light fluctuates or for use at night, with many low light CCTV cameras even coming with night vision settings for additional camera security.

Any security video camera needs to be robust enough to withstand vandalism whilst giving you the perfect level of security, and this is exactly what low light and varifocal CCTV cameras can offer. Many security video cameras will be able to offer both functions to ensure you've got the features that you need, and their domed shape makes these varifocal and low light CCTV cameras perfect in a range of situations. With varifocal and low light CCTV cameras you can be confident that your workplace is properly protected, and with plenty of models to choose from you'll soon find the security video camera that suits your needs and your budget.

Surveillance video cameras from DDS

If you're looking for the best in surveillance video cameras, you need to see what we've got to offer. We have a range of low light and varifocal CCTV cameras to suit a range of settings, with everything from basic low light CCTV cameras to varifocal CCTV cameras that come with night vision and other enhanced security features for total peace of mind. We know how important camera security can be and that's why we pride ourselves on offering security video cameras that you can count on, so if you're looking for low light or varifocal CCTV cameras make sure to check out our range and experience the benefits for yourself.