Network IP Systems

Coming Soon... Available Early 2011

DDS is in the process of evaluating a range of IP of Cameras, Video Servers, NVRs and Hybrid NVRs.

Unlike standard CCTV cameras with network DVRs; IP based systems can be a lot more complex and require extensive understanding of networking. IP based system requires the installer to have good knowledge of networking infra-structure and good command of IP based processes.

From our past experience of large infra-structures, DDS understands the need to be standards compliance. With IP based systems, inter-operability is also very important for future proofing the installation and maintenance. Hence the need to be Standards compliant!!

For example, Protocols like RTP, RTSP and Multicast are very important in IP based systems. Onvif compliance is also another important factor to consider (Onvif offers a global interface standard that defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices).

DDS is currently Evaluating new generation of 2 MegaPixel (not 1.3 MegaPixel):


 Internal Dome Cameras - 2 Mega Pixel, h.264 codec


Vandal Proof IR Dome Cameras - 2 Mega Pixel, h.264 codec


Day Night IR Bullet Cameras - 2 Mega Pixel, h.264 codec 


Day Night IR Cameras inside CCTV housings - 2 Mega Pixel, h.264 codec


Day Night Body Cameras with MegaPixel lens - 2 Mega Pixel, h.264 codec


Video Server (1 & 4 Channel) - h.264 codec, Full D1 on all Channels


NVR (8  & 16 Channel) - Network Video Recorder (Record H.264, or M-JPEG)


Hybrid DVR (8  & 16 Channel) - DVR unit that can record both Standard CCTV                       Cameras and Network IP Cameras (Record H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG)


VMS - Video Management Systems - Upto 64 Channels (future 144 Channels on                        multi-monitors)


POE - Power over Ethernet options

We hope to introduce these products to our extensive range in early 2011.

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