MicroLITE II DVR 8 Channel

Our Price: £250.00 (£300.00 inc VAT)
Order Code: K-DVR-8MLA2

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DVR with Mobile Phone Viewing, Remote Access, Remote / USB Backup, Two-way Audio, Composite & VGA Outputs

This CCTV DVR includes remote viewing over the network. Live Video can be viewed as Quad / 9-way or as individual CCTV cameras in full screen mode. CCTV Recording can be initiated by Alarm inputs, Motion detection (configurable for each camera) or on timer schedule. Both record quality and frame-rate are configurable on per channel basis. Video Backup can be taken using USB memory stick and/or over the network.
Other features include: Per Channel configuration, Web server functionality, Water-marking, Brightness and contrast control on per camera, buzzer, multi-level password protection etc.




  • - 8 Channel Video, Realtime up to 100fps
  • - Ultra High resolution  4CIF (720x576 D1), 2CIF (720x288) or CIF (352x288)
    - Frame rates: D1:50fps, 2CIF:100fps, CIF:200fps
    - Pre and Post Alarm & Motion recording
    - Per Channel configurations (total flexibility) 
    - Configurable picture quality, resolution & frame rate
    Two-way Audio
    : 2 channel IN / 1 channel OUT

    - Remote viewing (Advanced Networking)
    - Software Application (supplied) & IE browser (ActiveX)
    - Continuous, Sensor, Time and Motion detection recording (with privacy mask)
    - SMART search
    (Epson Till) support
    - FTP support
    - USB & Network (remote access) for video backup
    - IR Remote control (optional 1m IR extender lead available) 
    - PTZ (RS485) camera control by Mouse and IR Remote
    - Composite Video output compatible with CCTV / TV monitor
    - VGA Monitor Output (Use any PC Monitor)
    - USB Mouse control (optional)  or IR Remote control
    - Hexaplex (Monitor, Network, Record, Backup, Playback and Configure simultaneously).
    - Display mode : Auto Switch, Full Screen, Quad, Playback & Display on one screen.
    - Infra-Red Extender support
    - Colour: Black
    - Fanless design for ultra quiet operation
    - Dimensions: 320(L) x 220 (D) x 53 (H) mm


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Back of DVR


  • 1. Video Input Connectors - Video input connectors for cameras
  • 2. Main Monitor Output Connectors
  • 3. Audio Input Connectors - Audio input connectors for devices such as microphones
  • 4. Audio Output Connectors - Connection for speakers
  • 5. Ethernet Connector - Connection for a network cable
  • 6. Main Monitor Output VGA Connector
  • 7. RS-485 Connector
  • 8. Alarm Input Connectors
  • 9. Alarm Output Connectors
  • 10. I/R Extension Connector
  • 11. Power Switch
  • 12. Power Cord Inlet