1. Internal Dome Camera Package

Special Offer : £490.00 (£588.00 inc VAT)
Order Code: CK-6D

Premade leads (20m) 
RG59 with Power (100m) (+£9.50)

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Our Best selling Internal 6 camera Kit is ideal for the home or small business and can be viewed over the internet by PC and Mobile phones. The cameras are 420TVL or high resolution 700TVL and are designed for internal use only.

All Kits are supplied with everything that is needed to set up your cctv system; complete with all cables, connectors, leads and power supply unit(s).


What's In The Kit?

  • - 6 Dome cameras with 1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD (420TVL or 700TVL)
  • - Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - Base price Includes 500GB Hard Disk Drive
  • - All Cables and connections (optional cables see below)
  • - FREE Tech support - including setting up on the internet


Cable Options...

Option 1: Pre-made plug-n-play leads available in 5m, 10m, 20m or 30m lengths. Power all cameras from a single power supply next to the DVR.

Option 2: RG59 Coaxial cable with individual power adaptors. TwistON BNC Connectors are supplied. Ideal for cable that require >30m length.

Option 3: RG59 Coaxial cable with combined power cable (shotgun). TwistON BNC Connectors together with DC flyleads are supplied. This approach allows you to cut cable to length and power all cameras from a single central power supply near the DVR.


Camera Spec...

  • -  1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD Image Sensor with Sony DSP
  • -  Resolution: 420TVL or 700TVL
  • -  Fixed Focal Lens 3.6mm or 6mm
  • -  Auto White Balance
  • -  Internal Use Only



 DVR's Features...

  • - 8 channel, Audio, VGA, Composite BNC (TV)
  • - Remote Network access
  • - Mobile Access and Mobile Apps
  • - Record on Motion, Scheduled or Continuous
  • - Includes 500GB Hard Drive

Difference Between Selection of DVR's:


Guardian Records 4CIF (720x576 D1) or CIF (352x288)


MicroLITE 4CIF (720x576 D1), 2CIF (720x288) or CIF (352x288)
MicroNET Same Spec as MicroLITE but has a built in DVD RW




Q: Can I fit the cctv system myself?

A: Yes our systems are designed to be easy to fit with the most basic of DIY skills and tools.
Of course any problems please give us a call we are happy to help.

Q: Will I be able to view my system on the internet?

A: Yes we offer FREE tech support to help you with this, we will also help set up mobile phones (including apps)

Q: What does lens size mean, will this lens be correct?

A: Lens size is the most important factor with cameras and can vary dependent on your needs, find what lens size you need click here