Guardian AHD / Analogue DVR with Internet Access, Mobile Phone

Our Price: £220.00 (£264.00 inc VAT)
Order Code: AHD-DVR-16G

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AHD / Analogue DVR with Remote Network Access, Mobile phone viewing, Remote Backup, Audio, VGA / HDMI video outputs, Backup via USB memory stick

This new AHD 720P / Analogue CCTV DVR includes remote viewing over the network. Live Video can be viewed as individual CCTV cameras in full screen mode, as a Quad display (4 cameras) or as 9-way / 16-way displays. CCTV Recording can be initiated by Motion detection (configurable for each camera), Alarms (i.e. PIR sensors) or on a timer schedule. Record quality is available as 16 x AHD720P or 16 x D1 (4CIF) resolution channels or a mix in 2-channel increments. Video Backup can be taken using USB memory stick and/or over the network.
Other features include: Per Channel configuration, Web server functionality, Water-marking, Brightness and contrast control on per camera, buzzer, multi-level password protection etc.


- 16 Channel Video, Realtime Viewing 
- H.264 compression (selectable quality) 
- Audio: 2 channel IN / 1 channel OUT 
- High Record resolution:  16 x AHD720P or 8x AHD720P + 8 x D1 (720x576) or a mix
- Frame rates: AHD720P:100fps, D1:200fps
- Recording before and after motion detection (Pre and Post Event) 
- Per Channel configuration 
- Display mode: Auto Switch, Full Screen, Quad, 9-way, 16-way, Playback &Display on one screen 
- Search by time or event 
- Remote viewing (Networking), IE browser (ActiveX) 
- Mobile phone viewing (Smart Apps for Android and I-Phone) 
- Continuous, Time,  Alarms and Motion recording (with privacy mask) 
- USB port & Network (remote access) for video evidence / backup 
- VGA (for PC monitor) and HDMI output 
- PTZ (RS485) camera control by Mouse and IR Remote
- Alarms: 4 in, 2 out
- USB Mouse control, IR Remote control and front panel control
- Hexaplex (Monitor, Network, Record, Backup, Playback and Configure simltaneously) 
- Designed for quiet operation 
- Two-way Audio
- 1 HDD for up to 4 terrabyte capacity
- Dimensions: 324(W) x 245(D) x 45(H) mm


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