4 Channel DVR

These Digital Video Recorders support 4 Channels of Video and two channels of Audio, plus optionally support alarm contacts and PTZ cameras. All CCTV DVRs record to Hard Disk Drives and they can all be set to record when Motion is detected or continuously record. They can be set to automatically restart recording at the beginning when the HDD end is reached (i.e. cyclic). A DVR also includes: Remote Viewing/Networking, USB, VGA and composite (TV) monitor outputs, Remote control(IR), and optionally DVD-RW integral drives.

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In the world of DVR recorders, the choice is seemingly endless. With everything from 1 channel DVR recorders to 16 channel options it can be difficult to know where to start, but one of the most popular and usable kinds has got to be the 4 channel DVR recorder.

The benefits of 4 channel DVR recorders

4 channel DVR recorders, as the name suggests, are able to provide 4 separate channels of video. You can feed images from 4 different cameras into one central point, either on a motion detection basis or set on continuous record, making them perfect for businesses where several areas need to be watched. All 4 channel DVRs record to a hard disk drive so you’ve got the benefit of large storage capacities and digital images, letting you focus in on specific times should you need to.

The versatility of 4 channel DVRs makes them ideal for a range of settings, particularly from a business standpoint, and with many 4 channel DVR recorders being configurable to your exact specifications you can be confident that you’ve got DVR recorders that totally meet your needs. These DVR recorders can be configured to allow remote and internet access, an alarm can be set to alert you of any issues, and each channel can even have its own recording speeds and specifications – with 4 channel DVRs you’re in total control, and can be confident that you’re security measures are as comprehensive as possible.

CCTV DVR recorders you can rely on

Whatever you need from CCTV DVR recorders it’s essential that you have the supplier to accommodate, and that’s why you need to come to us. Here at DDS we pride ourselves on offering top-quality 4 channel DVR recorders that will meet your expectations, providing you with an efficient means of storing your CCTV recordings. With the right CCTV DVR recorder you’ll be in total control of your security, letting you double-check events as and where necessary and allowing you to keep all captured images for as long as you need, giving you a convenient and efficient method of keeping your security measures in check.

Our CCTV DVR recorders are manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure your satisfaction, and with great prices on 4 channel DVRs you won’t have to spend a fortune to get the level of security that you need. We’ve got a number of 4 channel DVR options for you to choose from depending on your requirements, and if you need additional advice just get in touch. Our experienced representatives will be able to offer all the help and support you could need, both when you’re deciding on your particular 4 channel DVR recorder and from then onwards, giving you total support and helping you make the most of your CCTV DVR recorder. We’re leaders in the field of security so you know you’re getting advice you can trust, so take a browse through our extensive range and you’ll soon find the CCTV DVR recorders that are right for you.