Night Vision Dome Cameras

Night Vision CCTV Dome cameras are available for Internal and External use. Night Vision internal units are generally manufactured in plastic housings. Night Vision Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras can be used in both Internal and External areas and offer weather protection in addition to a more rugged metal casing. The Infra-Red range of Security Camera defines its general operational limits which should be considered in addition to the angle of view that is required. DDS provide both Fixed focal lenses and Vari-focal lenses for greater flexibility.

Eyeball Dome Camera (Sony CCD, Vari-focal, 700TVL, IR 25m)


Robust yet stylish Eyeball Dome camera offering superb image quality, with a built-in Infra-Red night vision range of 25meters. This camera has a vari-focal lens and can be wall or ceiling mounted.

- SONY CCD (1/3") + Effio-E DSP
- High Resolution: 700TVL
- IR Range 25m
- Vari-focal 2.8-12mm lens
- White or Dark Grey

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Indoor and Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

CCTV is an essential component in any business' security system, consisting of cameras which are capable of monitoring and recording the actions of passers-by. This can help employers to ensure that only authorised personnel are in certain areas of their building, or to potentially record any criminal activity.

CCTV dome cameras in particular are ideal to use for such monitoring as they are so covert, and are often not even noticed by potential criminals or wrong-doers. CCTV night vision cameras are also very popular options as these can be used indoors and outdoors and monitor activity even in darkness.

At Digital Direct Security, we stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor night vision cameras and CCTV dome cameras suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

CCTV Night Vision Cameras

Our range of night vision CCTV dome cameras is highly innovative, available with both fixed and vari-focal lenses to suit all requirements. Whether for internal or external monitoring, our night vision dome cameras for CCTV are ideal as versatile, all-encompassing solutions, as they incorporate the benefits of night-time monitoring in addition to the vandal-proof and covert properties of CCTV dome cameras.

The selection of CCTV night vision cameras at Digital Direct Security are manufactured in dark plastic housings for durability, with weather protection in mind during the design process to ensure that whatever the weather, your outdoor night vision cameras will remain operational.

Dome Cameras for CCTV

The fact that our CCTV night vision cameras incorporate the innovative dome design makes these products in particular useful for covert monitoring. Due to their subtlety, CCTV dome cameras are often used in commercial and retail environments for monitoring staff and customers' behaviour.

Plus, because the camera itself is enclosed inside a dark circular cover, it is difficult for culprits to identify which direction the camera is actually pointing in. Dome cameras for CCTV are therefore particularly useful for deterring criminals before any criminal activity occurs.

Dome cameras are useful to use as part of either indoor or outdoor night vision camera systems, as they are so compact and therefore difficult to notice. This can reduce the risk of your CCTV night vision cameras being tampered with; saving you money from potential maintenance costs.

Consult us for Dome CCTV Night Vision Cameras

Digital Direct Security was founded by professionals involved in all aspects of the CCTV process, including design, supply and installation; making us your one-stop shop for a professional service and expert advice.

Our outdoor night vision cameras and dome cameras for CCTV monitoring are imported from across the world, as we aim to source only the most technically-innovative products on the market for our customers. You can therefore rest assured that when you buy with us, you are investing in night vision dome cameras for CCTV that are sure to deliver.

We are committed to offering competitive-priced innovation to our customers, whilst also offering comprehensive advice and demonstrations at our large, contemporary premises in Cambridgeshire.