Miniature & Covert CCTV Cameras

These Covert CCTV cameras are either very small or are fitted in devices that look like other items such smoke detector or PIR sensor.

High Resolution Day/ Night Mini Bullet Camera


A high resolution internal mini Bullet camera with Wide Angle lens. It has Day & Night operation, operating in colour during day light and B&W at night. Ideal as covert camera, for vehicles, door entrance, and in Home / Business applications...

- SONY SuperHAD II CCD(1/3")
- Resolution 650TVL
- Day / Night operation (Auto)
- fixed-focal 3.7mm pinhole lens (70 degree viewing)

Our Price : £52.00 (£62.40 inc VAT)

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High Resolution PIR based Colour Camera


A high resolution covert camera based on alarm PIR sensor. Mounted in corner of a room will give good coverage of the room. Ideal for rooms, offices, canteen,...

- SONY SuperHAD II CCD(1/3")
- High Resolution: 700TVL
- fixed-focal 3.7mm Pinhole lens

Special Offer : £39.00 (£46.80 inc VAT)

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Covert CCTV Cameras from Digital Direct Security

Are you looking for covert CCTV cameras? Here at Digital Direct Security we offer a range of the finest miniature cameras on the market. Our covert cameras have a diverse range of features, so our customers are sure to find the perfect covert CCTV cameras for their needs on our website. Whether you are looking for miniature cameras with night vision, image sensors or audio, our customers will be spoilt for choice.

Covert CCTV cameras can record behaviour which can be used as evidence, should you record criminal activity on your premises. Our mini cameras can also provide unrivalled peace of mind, as you will be safe in the knowledge that your property is secure and is less likely to be the victim of a crime.

The Benefits of Miniature Cameras

There are many advantages of purchasing mini cameras, as these inconspicuous products can film covert CCTV footage without being noticed by individuals. Also, as we offer covert CCTV security cameras in numerous style and colours, our mini cameras can be disguised as smoke detectors or PIR sensors. Therefore, covert cameras are ideal for actively monitoring employees in the workplace and our mini cameras are also perfect for recording footage in high security areas, such as retail cash offices. Therefore, an employer should also consider installing covert cameras if they believe that an employee may be acting dishonestly, such as stealing products or money.

Covert Cameras for Domestic and Commercial Use

While miniature cameras are ideal for commercial properties, our covert CCTV cameras are also perfect for domestic use. We offer covert CCTV systems which can be used both outdoors and indoors, and our covert cameras can record action inside or outside of your home. Our mini cameras are therefore ideal for filming troublesome neighbours, deterring trespassers, recording unruly behaviour from gangs or other citizens and monitoring car theft activity.

Miniature cameras can help you to monitor whether builders, house cleaners or child or adult carers are acting professionally when working in your home. Mini cameras can also monitor a child's behaviour, so it is perfect for ensuring that they are behaving appropriately when you leave the home. You can also rest in the knowledge that you can legally install covert CCTV in your home if you own the premises, as people are being filmed on your private property. However, it is important that employers adhere to the Data Protection Act and state that people are being monitored by CCTV with a public sign.

Here at Digital Direct Security we can provide a broad range of covert cameras, including bullet cameras, eyeball dome cameras, smoke detector colour cameras, PIR based colour cameras and miniature cameras.