Long-range Night Vision Security Cameras

These Day Night Security Cameras (Long range Night Vision) allow you to see in total darkness. These CCTV Cameras have their own light source (namely Infra-red) that can't be seen by the naked eye. These cameras are ideal for areas with no light or very little light. They operate in colour mode with light and switch to black & white when it gets dark.

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Having a security camera at night is a top consideration for businesses and residential homes alike. Night vision surveillance cameras are able to offer much-needed security which can not only protect your possessions but can give valuable peace of mind as well, and with day night cameras you can be confident that everything is under control no matter what time of day it is.

Day night cameras Ė for 24/7 security

A security camera for night time use can give you that peace of mind that you need, and day night cameras are the perfect choice for people that want to have total security at all hours. A day night camera will switch from colour mode during the day to black and white when itís dark, with infrared capabilities to make it incredibly reliable. Infrared cameras allow you to see things that the naked eye wonít be able to, so you can be confident that even at night youíll have infrared cameras there to provide that additional level of security.

Long range CCTV cameras Ė exceptional performance from your security camera at night

Having a security camera at night is all well and good, but if it canít see long distances then it may not be much of an addition to your security regime. Thatís why itís often best to opt for a long range CCTV camera, which as well as offering infrared capabilities can also let you see as much as 80m into the distance to allow for an optimum level of security. With a long range CCTV camera youíll be able to keep a careful eye on your surroundings, letting you be confident that everything is as it should be.

Total control with the perfect day night camera

The combination of infrared cameras with long range CCTV cameras ensures that you need never worry about anything escaping your vision. By using this type of security camera at night you can be confident that youíve got the best level of camera security possible, with many night vision surveillance cameras offering exceptional performance and a range of features to put your mind at ease. Night vision surveillance cameras are ideal in a range of situations and most come complete with varifocal lenses and high resolution options to ensure total suitability, putting you in control with infrared cameras you can count on.

Night vision surveillance cameras from the experts

If youíre looking for night vision surveillance cameras that live up to expectations, you need to come to us. Weíre proud to offer infrared cameras that offer total functionality to ensure youíre keeping an eye on things even when itís pitch black, and with a range of day night cameras to choose from youíll be spoilt for choice. Weíve got infrared cameras/long range CCTV cameras that can be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and with models to suit all budgets youíll soon find what youíre looking for. So, increase the benefits of having a security camera at night by opting for long range CCTV cameras that can offer a supreme level of performance and control, and come to us today where youíll find the perfect night vision surveillance camera for your needs.