Day Night Body Cameras

Day Night Security Cameras are sometimes regarded more as a traditional CCTV camera. They offer flexibility in that you can attach any type of cs-mount lens to them. They operate in Colour mode with light and B&W in the dark. For external use these cameras must be fitted inside CCTV Housings. Note: Lens are not included except where the lens are integral.

Box camera with Intergal Lens (pro-range)


A day night camera with traditional look. The camera operates in colour during daylight and B&W as it gets dark. This camera has integrated Lens and Infra-red.

- SONY CCD (1/3")
- High Resolution 480TVL
- Vari-focal (3.5-8mm) Lens

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Day Night Security Cameras from Digital Direct Security

If you are looking for high quality Day Night CCTV cameras, then you should be sure to come to us here at Digital Direct Security. We are a leading digital CCTV installation specialist and are passionate about providing our customers with the finest Day Night security cameras on the market for competitive prices, which is why our customers can rest assured that they won't find higher quality Day Night cameras for a better price elsewhere.

The Finest Day Night Cameras

Our Day Night cameras operate in colour mode in the daytime, which then switches to black and white when it becomes dark. Here at Digital Direct Security we offer a range of Day Night CCTV cameras in various styles and colours; enabling our customers to browse a comprehensive array of some of the best CCTV Day Night cameras in the industry. Our range of Day Night security cameras come with a variety of unique features, so you should be sure to browse our range before you make a decision on the best Day Night cameras for your needs.

Day Night CCTV Cameras for Peace of Mind and Security

Our Day Night cameras are perfect for monitoring individuals or your property, and the CCTV footage can prove to be valuable evidence if recording a criminal offence, such as a burglary, assault or criminal damage. Therefore, CCTV Day Night cameras can provide you with peace of mind that if you or your property is subject to a criminal act that the image will be recorded on the Day Night security camera. This could ultimately help you to secure a criminal conviction.

CCTV Day Night Cameras and Housing

Anyone purchasing our CCTV Day Night cameras for external use should ensure they are fitted inside CCTV housing. While many people often disregard the importance of CCTV housing when buying Day Night CCTV cameras, they can ultimately help you conceal, fix or broadcast the Day Night security cameras in your outdoor area - and can also protect the CCTV systems from weather damage.